laura lattimore

I was diagnosed with Alopecia Totalis when I was one year old and I have been very happily attending Wig Specialities since I was four, so coming up to 23 years now.

I would say that speaks for itself, but I would never go anywhere else for my wigs. The quality of them is amazing and I couldn’t ask for better.

Richard, Penny and the team are so friendly and welcoming. They do everything they can to make me feel comfortable and really take a personal approach with me. They have watched me grow up and are like my family.

The wigs are so comfortable because they are measured to fit my head, the base is light and the hair is fantastic quality. My wigs also last for a long time because Richard taught me how to look after them properly. 

When I tell people I wear a wig, they often can’t believe it. I feel happy and confident and can wear my wig all day with no discomfort, which is something I am very grateful for. In 23 years, I have never been disappointed with the products or services I have received, which is a credit to Richard and his team.

I trust Wig Specialities to provide the best possible wigs for me and I would recommend them to anyone.