How much does a wig cost?

This will always vary depending on style, colour, hair length etc.
A full head wig, made in our London studio, using European Human Hair and completely handmade, would start at £2,900 plus VAT. We say start, because the actual hair we use costs more for us to buy in some colours and lengths. Our fully trained and knowledgeable staff can give you a better idea after a phone discussion or better still with a personal consultation. We charge £70 for an initial appointment but that is included in the cost of your wig if you go ahead and make an order.
If you are suffering from various kinds of hair loss, including the effects of Alopecia and Chemotherapy, you are VAT exempt. All we require is a letter from your doctor, specialist, or oncologist to help you with this…and it is a great saving.
Sometimes we are asked to make wigs in acrylic fibres. This is possible but we favour using real hair, as that is obviously going to look more natural.

Home visit, attendance in hospital, out of London, or abroad can always be discussed.

In-house washing and styling costs £55 plus VAT and re-colour from £70 + VAT. Once we have made for a client the details are on file and it is much easier to make further pieces. As previously mentioned, VAT is not applicable for Chemotherapy or Alopecia clients.

Wig Specialities offers full credit card facilities.


How Long Does It Take?

susan sarandonThe making of a wig for a new client will take a minimum of three consultations.

At the first we explain in detail how we make the wig and decide on hairstyle and colour. At this time, we would usually make a full head shape and take a set of measurements if the client wishes to go ahead.

The second visit is to try the base of the wig for an exact fit and for the client to examine the actual hair we have prepared to make the wig.

The third visit is usually mostly a hairdressing session. The wig will be ready to be cut and styled after we show the client how to put it on and familiarise herself with the appropriate form of attachment. We offer a full cutting and styling service but can also work with a client’s own hairdresser to produce a suitable end product for them to cut and finish if so desired.

It is possible to produce a wig in extreme circumstances of illness or distress in around two weeks, but in most cases, it is best to give us around three to four weeks.


Are the wigs heavy?

Things have improved greatly over the years and we now use featherlight bases for our wigs, which allow the scalp to breathe and keep cool. It is only the hair used that weighs anything at all and we always recommend using a natural weight of hair.

You can have exactly what you want, of course. Because every wig is made by hand we can control the density, whereas machine-made wigs do not have this advantage. As we create a shape of your head before making it, you are guaranteed of a great fit and comfort while wearing your wig.


What are wigs made of?

All our wigs are made of the highest quality human hair. We are able to offer an exact colour-matching service and can get hair in straight, curly or wavy forms and in varying degrees of thickness and texture.

The hair is individually knotted by hand in our London studio, using the latest materials and lightweight bases.


Can the wigs be washed?

The answer is yes, with caution and care.

This has a lot to do with the very fine and lightweight bases we use. These are created from a terylene fibre and made with masses of tiny holes, through which we knot the hair and the scalp can breathe. Like all manmade fibres this base could shrink or expand when wet. For this reason the wigs must always be washed on a proper wig block which fits your wig and not on a polystyrene head. We supply these blocks and give full instructions about the washing and drying process. The hair can be set, left to dry or blow dried just like your own hair. We usually suggest a personal visit for us to guide you through the first wash but that is not essential.

In addition, we offer a washing and styling service here at our central London studio. It works on an appointment system just like a hair salon.

How often a wig is washed depends entirely on the frequency of wear and personal choice. It is rare that this is needed as much as one’s own hair.


Do we do home visits?

If it is impossible for you to get to us, arrangements can be made for us to come to you. Additional costs are involved depending on time and distance involved. Please ask when you contact us.


mens wigsDo you make wigs or hairpieces for men?

Although ‘bald is beautiful’ these days, we have a large and very private clientele of guys who feel almost undressed without a decent head of hair. These creations are made in the same way as our ladies wigs and your specific needs can be discussed on the phone or at a private consultation. Prices start at around £950 for a basic men’s hairpiece, plus VAT.