For more than 40 years Wig Specialities has been providing high quality wigs for theatre, film and TV, as well as wigs for private clients with alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy. All wigs are made completely by hand in the UK, using the highest quality human hair. We can also work with excellent acrylic fibres if suitable to the project.

Every customer, from a national treasure in one of London’s West End productions to the newest recipient of chemotherapy, receives the personal attention that company founder Richard Mawbey and his long-time associate Susan Pedersen, have given to spectacular theatre and musical productions, major movies and blockbuster TV series.

Please explore this website to see more details about Richard and all the aspects of Wig Specialities premium, yet cost effective, products and services.

European hair is generally better for the making of wigs for the European market, as it makes accurate colour matching easier. Asian hair is usually jet black and so requires bleaching and dying before it can be used

Richard Mawbey’s experience and values are at the heart of what makes Wig Specialities products and services the high quality they are. One of his main beliefs is that, if a wig cannot be styled in the same way as a natural head of hair, it should not be sold.

This conviction comes from starting his working life as a hairdresser.

6c4ac2b16d3ee848030b93c29a7a6199 danny la rue danny odonoghueSays Richard: “No one goes to a careers meeting at school and says, ‘I want to be a wig maker,’ it somehow happens to them. It happened to me when Danny La Rue walked into my salon to have his hair done in the late 70s.”

CHARLOTTEBefore long, the famous female impersonator was asking Richard to give up his salon to be his personal assistant and hair dresser; an opportunity Richard embraced. La Rue was famous for his extravagant wigs, wearing around 20 in every performance.

The first big production Richard was involved with was the original production of La Cage aux Folles at the London Palladium, doing hair, make up and wigs.

Says Richard: “What I do, in most cases, should not be noticed. If you read a review of a production, a critic will only mention a wig if there is something wrong with it. The mark of a good wig is when you don’t even know it’s a wig."

He is passionate about the quality of every wig he produces, whoever it is for.